South Fox Cup2013

Formula XR

Italy, Romania and Spain play for the cup!

The Cup of Nations has started with a exciting race on Westhill. The italy team leadered by Maxnorris has confirmed they adore the BF1 car and they dont want let off the cup. The other face was Gio... He is a driver qualified to do top 3, but surprisingly he didn''t finish the race.

Kites return to GPSERIES after a long time. She finished second demonstrating her magic hands and boldness. Will she be able to win to Maxnorris next race?

Alexio completed the podium with a fantastic race. He was regular and he knew keep the distance with the spyker boys.

This is only the start of the cup. We have the summer ahead with funny races as this... See you next race!!!

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Cup of Nations

On July 2nd cup begin nations. This cup will be run with the BF1 and teams will be formed according to the nationality of drivers.
Each team will be composed of at least two conductors and in each race score only the first two drivers.

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Oliver, faster than every body

After many races, Max hast lost his hegemony in the hands of the GPSERIES newcomer, Oliver. The brave driver however did not give up, giving the maximum among the best.

The team championship is still leaded by RV''s while its drivers make the difference as a strong - very strong - team. After the last race, they postulate as a real and more important candidate to reign all over the GPSERIES Teams!

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What happened in Kyoto?

A?n no se sabe a ciencia cierta, pero todo apunta a una confabulaci?n de los astros, unida a la mala fortuna y al mal c?lculo de algunos pilotos. Las teor?as son muy variadas.

Gcoronin defiende la teor?a del sabotaje:
"Non ? accaduto. Qualcuno ha cambiato il pulsante e invece guardate a destra, ho guidato il limitatore di velocit?. Che sfortuna."

Kites echa la culpa a los mec?nicos:
"Parece incre?ble, pero se me puso delante el mec?nico con la piruleta del BRAKE y no me dejo salir a tiempo"

Manu no sabe ni que decir:
"Justo antes del sem?foro en verde, vi como ofrec?an nuevsa licencias S3 del LFS, y claro aquello me descoloc?"

Ray nos recuerda como va el servidor ?ltimamente:
"Pedazo de lag justo a la salida. El sem?foro no cambi? de rojo a verde, sino que antes pas? por el marr?n y el naranja"

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